Find the connections, information, and expertise you need from people you know and trust.

Our Story

We founded IntroNet in 2013 and launched our first product as a tool to power meaningful introductions. Thousands of introductions later, we’ve learned a lot and expanded the team to make our bigger, bolder vision a reality.

We are building intuitive applications that make it easy to find connections, expertise, and information through those who we know and trust. Networks like LinkedIn and Twitter are overly dense and treat all connections the same. Our app avoids this noise by leveraging valued people within the collective networks of groups and teams, so we can strengthen relationships and deliver the right opportunities. We incorporate machine learning and direct feedback as part of our system to deliver a personalized, relevant experience to each member.

We are excited to launch the new IntroNet in February 2016 by invitation, and to everyone else soon after.

Our Team

Mike Krupit

CEO & Cofounder

Martin Babinec

Chairman & Cofounder

Nick Hilem

Chief Technical Officer

Tyler Kruszewski

Product & Marketing Manager

Michael Estok

Sr. UX Designer

Hirshol Pheir

Software Engineer

Jared Roberts

Software Engineer

Check Out Our Other Product

Connector by IntroNet

In 2013 we launched a tool to make introductions easier and more trackable. Since then, thousands of connectors have used the service to increase their influence by facilitating helpful introductions and collecting valuable feedback.

You can still access Connector by IntroNet, available for free on any device.